Sunday, December 13, 2009

Home Group Christmas Party at Toby Carvery!

I could list all the names of the faces...but, you won't know them; so it doesn't matter. This is my Home Group! I love them so much. A tremendous part of the LORD using Christchurch to affect and impact my life has been through the examples and encouragements of those pictured here.

I was very surprised to be BOMBARDED with gifts: each one had a note.

"A little something to be going home with...because we wouldn't wish American chocolate on anyone."
"Because its just plain WRONG not to have one!..." (a kettle)
"For a busy business woman to keep track of all her HAIR appointments" (a 2010 diary aka calendar)
"For a lady of she can write to us ALL!" (address book complete with HG addresses, and stationary)
"With LOVE from us all" (Welsh love spoon)
"So that wherever you are in the world you can enjoy a nice cup of tea!" (a teapot and mug with various teas)

My dearest Jo opening her Secret Santa.

Andy and Sue Rees. LOVE them. Will miss them dearly.
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My year in Wales... a memoir in the making said...

Trying to imagine these last moments you are enjoying there and the bittersweetness of the adventure yet to be had back here in the US! I am soaking up these last pictures of all those dear folk! Praying for you my darling!