Saturday, December 19, 2009

Wrapping things up...

Friday was my last official day as an employee of Christchurch. Both in the office and with teens. So strange! Definitely feels like I'm going back in on Monday. You better believe I've already pulled the, "I don't know, I don't work there anymore" card a few times.

I got to babysit the Gweedo (Gaweda- [Guh-veh-duh]) kids today- it was so much fun! We made some sugar cookies-- using butter knives as our "cookie cutters." Lots of laughs and smiles and "will you help me"s. As you can tell...I am QUITE the artist.

And earlier this week- with all the talk of logos and websites and hair business, my "itch" to do updos was getting the best of my sleep. Yes, indeed, dreams of doing hair. So, in order to help my mind rest, I attacked Alex and Caroline's hair.

Well, packing has begun...and continued...and continued much stuff can a girl have?! My excuse is: two completely different climates. (Is that a good one?) I brought all (ok, most of)my Florida stuff over here because its all the clothes I had...and then, I've accumulated several pairs of boots, warm socks, jumpers (jackets), etc.

In the LORD's amazing kindness and care for me, there are a group of guys going to visit Peter Benson right after Christmas- and I've managed to bribe them into taking some stuff back to the States for me. And still, I've had two "give aways" at different teens events of clothes I don't want, etc.

Gosh, am I boring anyone else?! I'm leaving now, sorry. Packing and clothes are on my mind.


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