Sunday, December 28, 2008


My Saturday morning started with a 7:45am coffee date with my friend from Richmond, Amy Roberts before she headed off to Delaware. (Yes, I know TWO Amy Roberts....crazy.) She sacrificially woke up at the crack of dawn to meet me for TWO HOURS at a little place called Cafe Catura. I forgot to get a picture...but oh, the time was so refreshing. How dear she is to me.

Came back to my parent's apartment, picked up Joy and Justin, and we went to our home town...Charlottesville! Bodos was our first stop. The best bagels in the world. Nothing beats this.

This is my favorite Bodo's sandwich. (This picture is for you, Jenn Romanski.) An everything bagel with turkey, munster cheese, advacado spread, mayo, lettuce and tomato. YUM.

Met with Karen for an hour and a half. So fun. I love you, Karen!

Next- off to Ginger's house to hang out for a bit. Ginger is the only friend from CHS (Charlottesville High School- the public school I went to for jr. and sr. year) that I'm in touch with. In all reality, she was the only friend I made in those two years...

Then downtown to meet Vanessa for Christian's pizza. The best pizza in the world. Nothing like it. It's always weird going downtown- seeing people whos names I don't know, but I passed them in the hallway at school for years...

We then went to Christ Community-- the church I grew up at and worked at in my "in between year" in Va.

What a fun surprise-- a bunch of the guys from our Youth Group were there visiting for Christmas! So encouraging to see Prodigals who've come home, and to catch up on the last 4 years.

Then off to Starbucks with frinds from Covenant! This is Jennie and Lisa. (Lisa's brother and my brother married sisters. Her niece and my nephew are cousins!) They both went to William and Mary and Lisa is now in NYC at Columbia studying autism.

This is my dear friend, Chris Short, and his girlfriend Clare. Chris is a youth minister now at a Catholic Church in Charlottesville and also working somewhere doing something to conserve energy or something-something. I completely understand what he does.

Sweet friend Kristen Sieminski (who's visited Orlando several times!) and her fiance John. They're getting married in April and I'm so sad to miss the wedding. I love them. They way they have sought to glorify the LORD in their relationship is such an encouragement to me. They'll live in Eerie, PA.

Well, this isn't the whole gang, but its a chunk of it! Joey (pronounced Yoey...short for Johanna..."Yohanna") is in the plaid. I haven't seen her in FOUR years. It was wonderful to catch up! She's in Charleston, SC.

...I feel like I'm writing personal ads...

and now we're off for a week in North Carolina!

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