Tuesday, December 2, 2008


We did our first Christmas Assembly today. The LORD showed us so much favor. It goes as follows:

"Preparation for Christmas" (which consists of four scenes: PS3 (the boys discussing what they want for Christmas while pretending to play), Decorating, Shopping, Baking)
"Christmas day" (us running around our teeny tiny Christmas Tree dancing and shouting and opening gifts. Just chaos- the kids laughed so hard)
And "The Day After Christmas" (being depressed that Christmas is over so soon)

Each character has their FAVORITE thing about Christmas. What they continue to repeat "THIS is what Christmas is all about."
For Taige its food, for Toms its toys, for Peter its the decorations, atmosphere and traditions, for Ivy and Kat its shopping.

At the end, I ask why they're so sad (I got this part because I'm the loudest. Mom, I know you're proud. That New Jersey in me is paying off ). And I explain how we don't have to be sad when Christmas is over because while decorations, shopping, toys and food are all good things, that kind of excitement and happiness doesn't last. But we REALLY have something to celebrate in Jesus coming to take the punishment we deserve for our sin- and dying on a cross so we could be forgiven and have a relationship with God. Now that's something to celebrate!

The kids responded really well and seemed to LOVE all the characters (especially the guys.) Peter did an excellent job explaining the Gospel again at the end to tie it all together for the kids.

Then this afternoon I went with Toms (Kat and Taige went to an earlier class) and we answered questions that kids had in a Religious Studies class in year 8 at Saint Jullians. Amazing the doors the LORD has opened. We shared the gospel numerous times in our answers- about why is there suffering, why Jesus is our hero, if they can be good enough to get to heaven, if we believe they'll go to hell (Toms answered this graciously, with much love, and sticking to Scripture-- and the boy came and talked to us even more afterwards...pray for him. His name is Charlie- he might come to VJ on Friday night). This felt like one of the most effective times we've had to talk about the reality of our lives as Christians while answering (or attempting to answer) REAL LIFE questions these kids have. Only about 5 of them (out of 30ish) raised their hands when Toms asked how many had ever been to a church.

I'm not sure I could feel more inadequate to do what it is I'm doing here. As I reflect back over some of my answers, I am aware of missed opportunities to communicate God's care and comfort, lack of clarity about His character, etc. etc. I still can't believe I'm here doing this. The pastors at Christchurch have done all the hard and dirty work. They've gone through the mess, built the relationships, pursued the opportunities...and then just given us the easy and fun stuff-- the eternal stuff. Seed planting. And they would do such a better job at this. I can't believe they let us do it. I can't believe God lets us do this-- that He entrusts His Gospel to us to share.

Oh, LORD, receive glory!

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Steph said...

Aw Jage! How fun! I'd love to see pictures from this assembly! =) MISS YOU!!!