Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas Assembly

This morning we did our Christmas assembly for Bettws and St. Jullians. I'm not able to post the video yet because one of the kid's faces is in it, but here are some pictures for you.

In the first scene, Toms and Taige are playing PS3 talking about Guitar Hero and Nintendo Wii that they're asking Santa for for Christmas. In "typical girl style" I stand infront of the screen nagging them to come help us put up Christmas decorations and storm off.

Scene two, I ask Ivy and Kat what they're MOST excited about Christmas as they talk about how soon it is...they say shopping. When Kat tells me she hasn't done any shopping yet, this is my response:

Next, Toms and Taige come in- Toms asking if he can go shopping with us, he wants to make sure that wiis are in stock at the mall, and Taige whines that we're talking about shopping again. Then, Peter enters with our "huge tree" that is "so heavy" and we begin to decorate it with candy canes. We end the scene by leaving to "go shopping".

The boys are also "shopping" with us. This is them looking at all the games and talking about what they like best.

Peter spots "Santa's Grotto" and we excitely run off stage.

Next, we're baking cookies. Three batches left. SO excited about Christmas.

The boys come in, and distract us by yelling "SANTA!" and pointing, or "REINDEER!" As the girls are distracted, they steal all our cookies!

We're devestated and kick the boys out of the kitchen. Christmas day! We set out the Christmas tree and dance around it screaming and shouting.

Chaos continues.

Next is the Day after Christmas. Utter mess.

Everyone is depressed that Christmas is over.

Me:What's wrong with you guys?! Don't you know the best part about Christmas isn't the toys, the food, the shopping, or even the traditions?
Toms: That's exactly what Christmas is all about!
Me: Those things are all good and exciting, but that kind of happiness....(pointing to mess) doesn't last.
Taige: I can't believe Christmas is OVER.
Peter: (to me) But you love Christmas, why aren't you sad it's over?
Me: Well the reason we give gifts is because God gave us the greatest gift, but sending His Son to be born in a stable.
Taige: (out of turn =) Like the Nativity story?
Ivy: God came as a baby?
Kat: To be born in a barn?
(Insert Taige's previous line HERE where its supposed to go)
Toms: Like with Mary and Joseph, and the shepherds?
Me: Well, that's the BEGINNING of the story. But the REASON Jesus came is because God loves us. So He sent Christ to die on the cross for all of the wrong stuff we've done- to take the punishment we deserve so we could have a relationship with God.
Peter: even though all the presents are unwrapped and we have to take the decorations down...we still have something to celebrate.
Me: Right! This is just the beginning!

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