Friday, December 26, 2008

Leach Family Christmas

Sorting presents is a big part of tradition. Everyone finds their place and the "kids" (us) go around and make piles by everyone's seats.

I love this little guy.

"Mimi" got her first "grandmother's bracelet" with a little boy on it representing Jack. Hopefully, this bracelet will be very very full in the next coming years!

Granny and Grampa (Daddy's parents)

Conversation goes as follows: (JJ and KT open Jack-Jack's present for him...from Justin - diapers)

Justin: I'm 18, I don't know what to get a kid...
JJ and Katie: No! This is great!
Justin: You guys don't even want to know how expensive diapers are...


Aunt Muffy (Daddy's siter) and Uncle Ralph

Joy and Justin

Aunt Muffy made Jack Jack his first baby album!

My sweet love is all tuckered out. This was his fourth Christmas in a week.

Great-Granny and Jack-Jack. How precious.

The chef (Daddy) is hard at work in the kitchen and I'm stoked about dinner!

Merry Christmas! (again!)

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