Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas time in Wales

Last night in the midst of baking cookies, we heard a knock on the door. Two carolers. They sang a very terrible rendition of "Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer" but they were very cute and the thought was precious.

Here, you have to PAY the carolers for singing. Last week, three of my LIFE girls went out, and made 36 quid!!! We only gave these boys a pound, but it was fun to partake in!

After three or four batches of lovely cookies, I went back into the kitchen and proclaimed, "Oh my gosh! I left the oven on!" I turned it off and proceeded to wonder what the smell was of something burning. I checked the candles, the bread maker that I borrowed from Sue Rees...and then opened the oven to find these...

apparently I put another batch in. Whoops!

And just like Kat's line in our Christmas assembly..."There's only one last thing to do...decorate!"

In honor of my love for Florida, I made a "beach babe." The yellow is to represent her bronze godess tan.

The girls were hard at work! I pretty much just threw the icing on there...but they were very meticulous!

And then I set up for tonight's Christmas dinner. A beef roast, asparagus, roast potatoes, sweet potatoes, onions, and carrots, homemade bread, bruchetta, and bacon cheese rolls. Oh! And hot apple cider. I had SO much fun! (and help!)

Anna joined us when she got home from Placement.

This is our little ity bity Christmas tree!

We're about to do presents in a minute. Christmas time in Wales is almost over, but Christmas in the States begins tomorrow! We leave at 5:30am and Peter and I will be traveling for about 18 hours! It's early to bed tonight!


Marvin033 said...

So glad you get to come home for Christmas!!

It is a bummer however that the last 3 pictures you posted all show up as minature boxes with red x's in them...I was looking foward to seeing your tiny tree.:(


Ashley Walter said...

I loved reading this post and seeing all the yummy cookies! When are you coming home to us?! :(