Sunday, December 14, 2008

Church Life

This morning, five adults were baptized! They all got saved in the last "Christianity Explored" course that Christchurch offered. If you've heard of ALPHA, the course is similar to that. Teaching on what Christianity is and what it isn't. Answering some of those hard questions about life and God. I am challenged and encouraged once again (as I am DAILY) by the example the local church here is setting in evangelism and reaching out to the lost. One woman has been attending the "Mums and Toddlers" meetings for FIVE years and eventually went through "Christianity Explored" last spring...and then went through it again with her husband this fall...and they both got saved. Praise the LORD! How wonderful to see the fruit of the labor of all of the women who have sown into this lady through those mom's meetings. God is so faithful. And He is a humble God. Choosing to use us- weak, broken, sinners- to fulfill His work!

I was bombarded this morning with cards, money, and gifts from people at Christchurch. Absolutely incredible thoughtfulness and generosity. I'm astounded-- this is so undeserved. How humbling.

With some of the money, I bought myself a book. One that I didn't know existed or I would've purchased it a long time ago:

For those of you who don't know, I love biblical counseling. I've read and re-read chapters, articles and books by men and women associated with CCEF (Christian Counseling Education Foundation in Pennsylvania). My ears are always attentive to anything that has to do with counseling. I'm eager to learn more. I'm currently finishing David Powlison's "Speaking Truth in Love." I get lost in this truth. Lost in a wonderfully enjoyable way. And how helpful this IS and will continue to be for the rest of my life!

Plus, this is part of why I love doing hair-- talking to people. Hearing about their lives, struggles, joys, fears, and triumphs. Learning with them as they learn. Walking through things with people. The nitty gritty of life. I love it.

This book will be my companion on my long trip to the States on Wednesday, and also the week we're in North Carolina at the beach as a family. I read the first couple pages in the car on the way home from church!

Well, cleaning, and packing must continue! We're having a roast dinner with the "GAP family" on Tuesday night. I'm stoked!

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