Monday, December 22, 2008


Surprise Orlando!!! I'm here for the weekend!

First stop was Jeremy and Kristen's to surprise the girls. We had Kristen's amazing pancakes and then went to the park with the Dunlops, Naams, Traugotts, and Jones'. What an incredibly fun afternoon!

Nana and Grandaddy brought candy canes!

We ended with a game of volleyball (my team won!) and a haircut for Jack.

I'm having trouble uploading the videos, but next was surprising a few close friends.

Mission: To Skype with them in the next room, tell them to "hang on" and then walk into the room they were in. Worked like a charm! Ariel was late so we got to do it TWICE. We screamed, hugged, and laughed for a while before heading to my favorite restaurant: Outback!

Then we went to Julie's Starbucks to continue the fun...

Then we came back to the Jones' for some amazing singing. I have incredibly talented friends. You just wouldn't believe it.

Church Sunday morning was so wonderful. So many faces I love, so many hugs, lots of surprises, it was so much fun.

This picture is purely to show you the unbelievably gorgeous weather here. Oh what I would giveto be able to bottle it all up and take it back with me!

After Olive Garden for lunch, Ariel, Linsday and I went to the mall.

Then we SURPRISED SJ (in white) for her birthday having dinner at the Elephant Bar.

...all around the table.

Happy Birthday, SJ!!!


Steph said...

Woof! That first pic of me is UGly! =P But YAY! Jage, this was SUCH a fun weekend! I can't believe you're leaving so soon, but I'm SOOOOOOOO grateful you were able to come down for a little while. =) LOVE YOU!!!

My year in Wales... a memoir in the making said...

Sooo much fun! Loved the skype in opposite room to pop out and surprise everyone idea! Savor every moment for me! Don't come back too tan...