Thursday, July 2, 2009

Arriving in German-town

Yesterday we met at Christchurch and headed off on our trip!

Unfortunately, one of the buses had some trouble and it looked like we were all turning around (after over an hour headed to Dover, England) to go back to Christchurch to re-evaluate traveling plans.

Thankfully, the LORD had other plans, and I'm not sure exactly HOW, but the other bus was able to be towed, all the passengers transported, and we met them at a Baptist church in Dover to stay overnight. One of the student's grandparents served us sausages, chips, and beans at like midnight (they were so sweet)- and his grandfather is the pastor of the church we slept in. (SO grateful for my home group and the air mattress and sleeping bag they've provided me with!)

This morning we awoke at 5am (after going to bed after 1) to head onto the ferry. The second bus got fixed and took a later ferry and are currently still on their way to join us. (Praise the LORD!)

We docked in France, drove through Belgium, Holland, and are now in Germany at an E-tap Hotel! It is so nice and I can't believe how clean it is and how wonderful it is to be out of a sticky, non-air-conditioned bus trying to catch some zzz's against the window. (By the way, Mommy and Daddy, my body pillow is my favorite birthday present EVER.)

We just ate at an Italian restaurant (yes, in Germany) and are CRASHING for the night. We get to have a lie in tomorrow before making the rest of our way to Arche Church- about four hours from here.

I continue to repeat to myself, "You're in France. You're in Belgium. You're in Germany." This is so unbelievable! I am taken back by God's kindness. I never expected to be all these places in my lifetime- let alone in my early twenties. It brings me joy to know that each border we cross...the Gospel remains the same; rejoice!!!

Each night I'm declaring with the Psalmist that I PRAISE God for His faithfulness...and each morning, for His steadfast love. They are lavish! And rich! And not only undeserved, but ill-deserved. Oh, "the precious blood of Jesus Christ REDEEMS!"

I had a wonderful time reading in 1 Peter today= please pray I would be able to make time every morning to be in the Word. My soul needs it...and when I'm "out of routine"...its so easy to get out of whack.

Love you all!

Oh, and Tall Tree: advertisement in Germany has officially begun for you. Thanks for the t-shirt! =) 

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Meghann Roberts said...

So cool! Praying for you, friend!