Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ic nix doich. Sprrrist du anglish?

Right, so that is the phonetic spelling for, "I'm not German. Do you speak English?"

Went canoeing today! Felt like forever. I was in a canoe with Kat and one of our new friends, Anna. (She's the first one I met when we got here- we've spent a lot of time together.) We were one of the last to leave, but when we made it to "the end" there was NO ONE there. We stood around confused for a good five minutes until the next group came around the corner. It then, started to pour. We had no idea where the rest of the group was, or where they could've ran up to a restaurant and hid under shelter.

Eventually the leaders at the end came and we swapped canoes around because a few of the girls (myself included) were utterly freezing and not looking to go farther away from warmth and dry clothes. Two people canoes are WAY easier to steer than three people canoes!

Becky, my new boat mate, and I were (in the guys' opinion) taking forever, so she hopped in their boat, Peter got in the back of mine, and it felt like we all FLEW back to "home base." (yay for boys!) Must've been a good mile or so. Made me think of canoe breakfasts at Lake Champion. (Thinking of you, Joy, and missing you!)

We came back freezing, wet, and tired. What a fun day.

Taige, Toms, and Rhys managed to get lost for several hours. That was an experience. They are found now. Alive and well. Yay.

Tonight half of us are headed to a water park, and the other half are staying at the church, to watch a film and eat loads of desserts. We have apple pie, swirly bread, chocolate croissants, brownies, chocolate cake...and blueberry muffins. I'll definitely need a new German friend to be a translator in the kitchen with me- all the directions are in German!

Tomorrow is a day in Berlin!

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