Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Back on British Land.

Today was a first: I've never traveled through 6 countries in one day before!

Yesterday we left Hamburg and spent 11 hours driving the 4 hour drive to our hotel. =)

This morning, we left Germany at 5:30am (Kat and I didn't have an alarm and SPRINTED out of our hotel room to the car this morning! Whoops!) and we just arrived at home. 5:30 in Germany was 4:30 here...so, like 14 hours of travel today. Really wasn't bad at all, actually. Our bus drivers are HEROES! (And an hour and a half of that time was on the Ferry.)

I just realized I left my journal at the hotel- please pray I'll be able to get it back. Or that, if I don't, someone would read it and get saved- seeing that if God forgives me, surely He can forgive them!

What a great trip of building relationally with those in Germany...but also with those on our team as well. The Uni students and teens alike. I got to know people a lot better!

Being "home" so whets my appetite for going home to the States in just over two weeks! Familiar roads, faces, life, and routine.

I plan to move the majority of my things into the Mc Cans in the next week or so while simultaneously packing for Atlanta, Orlando, Richmond, Virginia Beach, and possibly New Jersey. Oh I can't WAIT!!!

Love you all so much- thanks for your prayers for Germany and keeping in touch. Pictures hopefully to come when I can get some more space on my laptop!

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Meghann Roberts said...

FIRST STOP...ATLANTA!!!! YAY!!! Email me what you want for dinner =)! Can't wait! Seriously, we're going to hold you hostage!! =)