Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Update from Hamburg

What a wonderful several days we've had. Church on Sunday was excellent! It was all in German, but we had a translator...and they sing a lot of Sovereign Grace songs- in German!What an incredible glimpse of heaven. Every tribe, language, and nation worshipping the same God altogether. Forever.

Our itinerary has changed daily. Several times a day, actually! The weather keeps us on our toes! Yesterday we went to the beach and I had my first German beer. I just love the beach. Anywhere. So looking forward to my time in the States!

Today was another trip into Hamburg that ended in conversations about Bible reading over bad iced coffee at a restaurant. =) I was struck as one of the guys mentioned that "Bible reading" as we know it...hasn't actually been around that long. For thousands of years people didn't have personal Bibles. They would "feed" off of the message from Sunday...with no notes. This puts "communing with God" in a new perspective! And increases my gratefulness for the availability of precious Truth at my fingertips every day! In no way should this minimize the time we spend in the Word, but maybe cast a new light on what "meditating on [His] precepts" looks like. Possibly giving new meaning to "pray continually."

We are tired. All of us. Americans, English, Welsh, Australian and German alike. Shattered. Tomorrow morning we have "off" and Lewis (our leader and a pastoral intern at Christchurch next year) will send us off on our own in a mall or something to read, study, journal, spend time with the LORD...whatever. I can't WAIT. I've stolen several walks and snuck away a few times already, but I'm eager to have some extended time alone with God.

From several I've talked to, it seems like God has been narrowing in on some specific areas of sanctification on this trip; for me, it's many opportunities to TRUST GOD with what next year and beyond looks like. I'm needing faith for future grace in any and all circumstances. Eyes that are set on today and its own trouble as well as a heart that laughs at the time to come.

I am so weak.

Thank you for your prayers!!! Wish you all were here!

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