Sunday, July 19, 2009

GAP Team is wrapping up...

It's so hard to believe this is really real; they're going home. The GAP Team is just about over.

As we stood on stage to say our final farewell to the church this morning and tell them how they can be praying for us, I just couldn't believe that its been a year since we first stood up there telling them our names and where we came from. I remember that day well. I hardly knew anything about the people I was on stage with, had no idea really what my job was, didn't know anything about the British Culture. I introduced myself to strangers that made up Christchurch. Now, those stood next to me I know well. We take the mick out of each other's idiosyncrasy's and facial expressions, and have hundreds of memories and inside jokes. Together we've even adopted many words, phrases and expressions that belong only to the British culture. (It will be fun to go back to the States and see really how much we've picked up along the way.) And today as I looked out at the congregation, deep love for individuals and families filled my heart. Those who have loved me, prayed for me, encouraged me, given me birthday presents and rejoiced with me that I'm longer strangers, but dear friends.

I could hardly hold in my tears as I reflected on God's faithfulness over the last year. He has been so faithful to me; so good to me. So kind. I know Him more sweetly now than I did when I first landed in London. Praise His Name- and thank you for your prayers.

Emotionally, I'm all over the place! Sad, excited, expectant, amazed, humbled. The end of a year, the start of another...and a trip back home in-between to see those closest to my heart...just to leave again. Sad to be packing up the GAP Girls house...thrilled to be moving in with the Mc Can's. Treasuring the few days left of this season...full of excitement for what's ahead.

At this time next Sunday, I will be moving my things into the Mc Can's. Two weeks from today, (Lord willing) I will be worshipping and praising my Savior with my church family State-side, Metro Life...probably bawling my eyes out.

Ah, isn't the Gospel so amazing?! Isn't the local church a tremendous gift?!

Jesus Christ, the sinner's friend. His life, death and resurrection is the most transforming Truth there is... let's get out there and tell some people about Him!

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Meghann Roberts said...

So you will seriously be here so soon! Yay!!!! I keep telling myself to not think about how short your time will be here, but how much talking we can actually get in in only a few hours =). What do you want for dinner?? =) OH, AND I LOVED MY MAIL TODAY!!! THANKS!!