Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Last photos

Sunday a week ago, we went to the Slocombe's with the pastors for a BBQ and to send Peter off.

This was our final farewell to Christchurch.

Monday night, the GAP girls went out for dessert! Love these ladies!

We have been talking about taking a picture like this since the day we moved in. Incredibly cheesy; oober fun!
These faces will be sorely missed!!!


Anna Katharina said...

I'm going to miss those lovely faces.

Ann Gillette said...

Janelle, Thanks for letting me take a peek into your life this past year. I know Ivy has grown leaps and bounds and I'm so thankful she has gotten to know you during this time. Your blog has been a means of keeping in touch with my girls. I've loved all your pictures. I have also loved the way you preach the truth to yourself and let us know what has been difficult and what has been easy. It is exciting to know you will continue the good work their in Wales.

Anonymous said...

Praying for you girly! What a bitter sweet time. What an amazing year. Miss you but so happy that we are both were God's called us. Hugs.

p.s. you should see my roots...awful:)