Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Last GAP Day.

Surreal would be the word I would use to describe this "end of GAP Team" experience.

I said goodbye to people today that I've lived and worked with almost every day since meeting them a year ago...and I have no idea when the next time I'll see them will be. How strange!

The McCan girls keep asking if I'm sad...I keep saying no, but that's because it all hasn't hit me yet. I'm leaving tomorrow morning, yes, but I'm coming back. The Gappers are here for another few weeks, but won't be when I return. I have a vague idea of what next fall will look like, but am not sure what life will be like outside of my American bubble. (The McCans are American...well, Irish/, not totally out of the bubble!)

This year has been an adventure. The Gospel is more amazing to me today than it was a year ago. I understand grace better. Jesus Christ has comforted me in ways I never would've imagined, and I've learned so much about myself and the American culture.

I am grateful for this year. Thank you for joining me electronically, and for all of your countless prayers! Words cannot begin to describe my gratefulness and gratitude- I have been humbled by the emails I've gotten from so many of you asking how you can pray or informing me you have been. Your example reflects that of our Savior!

See you State-side!!!

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