Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Anticipating Friendships

Meet Ivy. She is such a sweetheart. I think she's the listener in the bunch of us and I anticipate learning MUCH from her humility and compassion this year. Look at her face-- doesn't she just look like a servant?!

Meet Kat. She's 22, blond, tall...and I'm quite excited about the possibility of sharing clothes! =) I have been so blessed by her pursuit of me and heart to serve our team. Her display of Biblical Femininity will be such a great encouragement and challenge to me this year. It seems we would be similar in our passion and wills-- which I know will produce very sharp iron!!! What a blessing. How kind of the LORD.

At this time next year, I will be able to tell you story upon story of how the LORD has used these two instruments of grace in my life. We will have innumerable inside jokes and memories- know each other better than we know ourselves, and have seen God's gracious and active work on our hearts and lives for a whole year. We will have spent HOURS talking, counseling, witnessing, crying, and laughing together. But for now, I tell you all that I know-- and all I know, is I am STOKED about getting to know these girls and eagerly anticipate what our King has in store!


Charlotte said...

that's my sister you're talking about!

hi. i'm charlotte... the other half. nice to meet you.

and yes. i am glad you are excited to meet my sister. she's pretty swell. :)

Lee & Jeannette Walti said...

We are so totally excited for you JJ! God is so good. We feel like we've known you forever. Even though we will be in different countries, we're thinking that we will be joined at the hip in our adventures...and as we continue these journeys step by step, our faith will grow and our love for the Savior...and all along we get to compare praises and pray for each other and be an encouragement. We love you!!!

Steph said...

AWWW YAY!!! Good idea, putting pics of your future friends on here so we can get to know their faces! =)They both seem very sweet...though I believe I detect a mischeivous gleam in Kat's eye. ;)