Thursday, July 17, 2008

Flight updates! (and help?)

The LORD is so kind. I was completely fine with traveling to another country by myself. Thought it'd be a great time to read, rest, and pray. BUT God's plans are way better than mine.

I'm driving my car to VA because my parents have purchased it (yay!) and planned to fly out of D.C.

As it turns out, four others from my trip (none of whom actually LIVE in the D.C. area) are 'randomly' flying out of D.C.- so that means FIVE of us on ONE plane to go half way across the world together. Isn't that cool?!

Two of them are guys-- you think they'll carry my bags for me??? =)

SPEAKING of bags. Does anyone have (or know of anyone else who has) a LARGE suitcase (or two...or three) that they won't be using for the next year that I could borrow???

We're flying out August 24th. I can't believe this is all really happening...I'll be flying out of the country for 11 1/2 months in five and a half weeks. So encouraged with the Truth that the LORD hems me in both behind and before!


Marvin033 said...

Okay..I 've wanted to tell you this for quite sometime ..
JJ I'm extremely going to miss you. I know it may sound kind of funny because we really didn't know each other that well..but the times I did get to interact with you (on the phone, in Haiti on that SUV or at undivided) I felt like I was in the presence of sunshine..seriously! You are so encouraging in you conversations..and just a joy to be around! You have such a godly character that I hope to emulate..and I'm sooo thankful for your obediance in following God to wherever he calls you..even if it's half way around the world for a year! I just wanted to encourage you and let you know before you left..I will be praying for you darling!

- Kayla

Steph said...

Aww, 'Sunshine'! That's what I have JJ down in my phone as! =) Yes, Jage, God is SO kind to provide the 5 of you with that time on the flight there together! What a blessing! You're going to have a BLAST!