Saturday, July 12, 2008

Preparing with Hope

Ah. I, with hope, anticipate being a mom someday. Meghann and I took pictures of the girls yesterday. It is so weird to think that Jordyn will be over a year old when I return.

As I take lots of mental "snap shots" in these next several weeks- wanting to remember how things are now, so that I can be amazed at all God did in just one year, there is much HOPE. Excitement for change. Gratefulness for what God WILL do. Paul exhorts us to REJOICE IN Hope. Sure, there is sadness that I won't be here to watch it all take place- but SO neat that I will be able to see how God has changed others and what He's done in a way others won't be able to see to because they lived through it. Different perspectives are such a blessing, aren't they?

I am one who likes to be REALLY prepared for big changes like this. As prepared as I'm able. Like Maxwell House coffee...I want to enjoy everything till the LAST DROP. I want to mentally note every last meeting, being aware of how many more Sundays left I have here, counting down days so I ENJOY them and USE them.

It is in both preparation and hope that I find myself now.

Preparing to leave, yes. Preparing to go, also a yes. And both, because of the Father's abundant grace, are FULL of HOPE. I love that He's unlimited. What will He do? How will He work? Who will He save? How will we change? Oh, its so exciting!!!


Steph said...

Hah, Jage I liked your little commercial for Maxwell Coffee. ;) Wow, it's SO enjoyable to read your posts and see how God is increasing your faith and trust in Him day by day! I continue to pray for you, my friend, and eagerly anticipate our coffee date when you get back. =D

amy h roberts said...

oh, this will be fun!
my cousins just got back from working in/traveling europe for 6 weeks this summer. i've been thinking of you when they expressed their struggles with the culture and the ways God provided for them.

love ya.