Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Welcome to Wales!

No, I'm not there yet...but this is where we will be having our TEAM BUILDING RETREAT! Wow. Is this so "me" or what? They've asked us to be open with each other right away. HULLO. Not a problem.

I know you are praying, and the LORD is faithfully answering your requests! I have been SO excited about this new adventure in the last two days; thank you so much for serving me.

I've been able to talk to Ivy and Katherine-- my two new soon-to-be-great friends from Charlotte, NC. (hopefully Danielle will join us too!) I anticipate some seriously amazing accountability and fellowship with these girls. (Not "expect"...but "anticipate"...which means "hope". Right, Mrs. Phillips?)

We have several assignments in the next 6 weeks- listening to a 9-message series, "In it to Win it"...In the World to win the world, and we need to read 4 books. (Anybody have ones I can borrow? 'Questioning Evangelism', 'Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God', 'The Gospel and Personal Evangelism', 'Watching the English')

I continue to be amazed by how The Church is responding to an opportunity to send the gospel forth-- I am regularly receiving more money...its very humbling. It will hopefully be enough to help for the trip home to meet my new nephew around Christmas time! Yay Jack Jack! (Katie, how you feelin'?)


Candace said...

JJ, What a great opportunity! I am so encouraged and provoked in your humility and trust in the Lord during this time. I’m very excited to see what the Lord will have for! I have and will be praying for you! May you experience the joy of the Lord as you embark on this new journey!

1 Chronicles 16:27

Love You, Dear!

Steph said...

Hey lady! Yah isn't Wales AMAZINGLY beautiful? You're going to be taking SO many pictures of God's wonderful creation, it's not even funny! ;)
I'm pretty sure I have Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God. I'll check when I get home tonight and letcha know, k? LOVE ya!

Vanessa said...

in it to win it!? i love that! you know that is like the high school musical theme or something right! i love this plan already!