Saturday, July 5, 2008


Oh, this is dangerous. You mean I just get to talk to whoever wants to listen? For as long as I want? However often I want? About anything? Yikes. In an effort to serve you, these are the reasons I have NOT had a blog.

For those of you who don't know, I have the opportunity and DELIGHT to go to Newport, Wales from August to July of next year. I will be on a team with 7 others immersed in Christchurch (part of Sovereign Grace Ministries) and witnessing to the surrounding communities. We'll be going into schools to do assembly's and skits, building relationships with the kids and preaching the gospel.

So, also in an effort to serve you, I realize with this upcoming season, having a blog can be a means of grace for keeping in touch. Especially with a 6 hr time difference and a big puddle in between the continents. So that is my desire. That is the purpose of this blog. To inform you of what is going on in my Waling adventure and hopefully, to BE INFORMED of what is going on in your lives as well.

Allura Lightfoot referenced the Valley of Vision prayer below (God's Cause) in one of her recent emails about witnessing at the abortion clinic. (She is so faithful!) Oh, it has so encouraged me to get my eyes off of myself. I hope to pray it regularly throughout this year that the words of it might sink into my heart and become a deep part of my longings- not only words and hopes. I pray that you, too, are encouraged.

Sovereign God,

Thy cause, not my own, engages my heart, and I appeal to thee with greatest freedom to set up THY KINGDOM in every place where Satan reigns; Glorify thyself and I shall rejoice, for to bring honour to thy name is my sole desire. I adore thee that thou art God, and long that others would know it, feel it, and rejoice in it. O that men might love and praise thee, that thou mightest have all glory from the intelligent world! Let sinners be brought to thee for thy dear name! To the eye of reason everything respecting the conversion of others is as dark as midnight. But thou canst accomplish great things; the cause is thine, and it is to thy glory that men should be saved. Lord, use me as thou wilt, do with me what thou wilt, but, O, promote thy cause, let thy Kingdom come, let thy blessed interest be advanced in this world! O do thou bring in great numbers to Jesus! Let me see that glorious day, and give me to grasp for multitudes of souls; let me be willing to die to that end; and while I live let me labour for thee to the utmost of my strength, spending time profitably in this work, both in health and in weakness. It is thy cause and Kingdom I long for, not my own. O, answer thou my request!


Allura said...

Oh JJ, I can't believe you're actually going! Praise God from Whom ALL blessings flow! But mixed in with the yay in my heart is a man-oh-man...b/c I'm going to miss seeing your smiling, radiant face a couple times a week. I AM very grateful that you have a blog!'re really going...

Anonymous said...

I am so excited to know you are going on that trip!

check out my blog anytime you want -

love you chick!
How I wish I could go too!

Steph said...

WAHOO!!! =) Jage, I can't believe this is actually happening for you! This is such a testimony to God's faithfulness and care in your life with specific details. I will continue to pray for peace AND excitement in your heart for the trip, and I will totally be checking your blog super-frequently! ;)
Love ya!

janelle said...

Yay for blogs!!! :-D

Kristen said...

Janelle dear,
I'm so excited and overjoyed that you have this God-given opportunity to serve! May HE bless you richly and multiply your efforts.