Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Choosing Blessing

I don't have to choose between the blessings of Orlando and Wales. I get both. That's who my Master is! Never lacking in His gifts to me. Always giving more than I could expect, nevermind what I deserve.

Just got home from another Starbees outing (that would be Starbucks for those who don't know Ariel) with some of the dearest friends on earth. So enjoying fellowship. Laughter that makes my cheeks hurt...and as I sat there I thought to myself, "Enjoy. Enjoy these last 5 1/2 weeks. Enjoy these people. Enjoy these blessings." So I did. And I am. And I plan to continue. Not with fear of change (ok, who am I kidding? still battling that...)-- but change is inevitable...and necessary. And oh, I hope when I return I am changed. But enjoying who the King is in the midst of these relationships. Seeing His grace and His glory in these faces- His redemption in these lives and the testimonies represented; feeling a teeny portion of His love for His children, my friends, in my heart.

I hope to learn in this season to "pause" more. To soak in blessing. To wonder at God in amazement with joy and thanksgiving. Growing in love for His perfect character.

Oh how I hate to leave, and yet, can't wait to go.

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Allura said...

Yeah, you made me cry again...I love the way you love our Savior,JJ,and the way you see His beauty and grace in the blessings He's given you.