Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Pet hates

Got an email from Dan yesterday with a list of random questions so he could put them on a GAP blog for the local church to get to know us better.

One of the questions was: If you could be an animal which one would you be? I couldn't decide. I answered a "bee" which I know isn't an animal...but after watching The Bee Movie, thought I'd like to be a crud picker.

Prior to this question was "pet hate." I said cats. I hate cats. Don't be offended if you like cats, its a family thing. (except for Katie...)

Well, here's the intro to Dan's email to all of us today. I was dying laughing.

Hey guys, thanks to you who have already replied to my list of questions! I feel like I know more already! Just a quick bit of cultural language translation. In the UK a pet hate is the same as a ‘pet peeve’ in the US – not which domestic animal you detest the most. Though if you are interested it seems that the team despises cats! Which clearly shows we have wise and discerning team members!

I expect to have many more stories like this to tell you within the year. On that note...what do you guys think are some of my pet peeves? I hate inconsistency. I don't do well when decisions are just NOT being made-- like the continued prolonging for no reason at all in a group of people. If there's a reason of "waiting" on something, that's different...

Vanessa can't stand "bad drivers" =). Joy hates when people wear brown and black or when Mommy gulps her cold coffee. Kristen Jones doesn't like her cuticles. Meghann hates sarcasm that's not balanced by encouragement. Lindsay hates opened cabinets. Ariel can't stand my tan lines. Neither can Medana. Mommy hates sand in the pop-up. What about you? What about me?

Also, here's a description of our housing situation. Rough, I know.

The girls are going to be in a modern terraced house not far from where Dave Taylor (our executive pastor) and a few other members of the church live. It is a great area with some shops close by and about a twenty minute walk into town. The house has three bedrooms on three floors. There is a downstairs toilet, a bathroom (with a shower) and a shower room on the third floor. So girls you’re going to have to draw lots to decide who gets the third floor room with the walk in wardrobe and shower room across the hall!

The boys are also close by in a big early 1900s house – which is fully furnished! It’s old school but the house has loads of character! And a great garden with access to a park at the back – at the top of the hill at the back are great views over Newport and other hills and valleys! This will be our base house – any studenty type activities that we need a house for will be done here. Be prepared to have to look after the house and garden though boys! Gardening gloves at the ready!


Joy said...

i don't you hate feet? what about split ends, or bad roots? or maybe week old crusted mac and cheese in a bowl?

Marvin033 said...

:) My pet "hates" definitly agree with Lindsay..I can't STAND cabinet drawers open or cupboards (tall people like me and open cabinet doors only result in one thing---headaches!) I also cannot stand it when people do not reply to phone messages or emails (I completely forgive anyone who is reading this and has done this to me!:) even if it's just to say they've gotten it! Also I cannot stand seeing clothes on the floor...clean or dirty or whatever..put it away don't step on it! Heheh oh yeah and I can't stand coffee or cooked mushrooms..anyway...

Steph said...

Oh, TOTALLY agree w/ the cabinets thing. I think it started when I watched Sixth Sense. ;)

Lindsay said...

oh oh oh! I thought of a new one! I HATE putting sun screen or lotion on my sandy bod...eww.