Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Babies, Bonfires, and Botched Assemblies

After about 6 quid ($12) spent on text messages, Baby Jack is FINALLY HERE!!! Safe and sound. My first nephew, James J. Leach III, arrived by C-section at 7:15 pm EST Tuesday night - 7.0 lbs and 19 inches long--not bad for being three weeks early! Katie was induced at 4pm on Monday afternoon. Long labor. Praise the LORD for a healthy baby, mommy, and daddy too! Aw, I can't wait to hold this little guy. Aren't they such a cute family?!

I can't decide what's weirder-- the fact that my brother is old enough to have a family...or that I'M old enough to have a brother who has a family...this is crazy.


Little Welch History for you:
Today is Bonfire Day. "Remember Remember the fifth of November." Guy Fawks and his friends tried to blow up the house of parliament and got caught in the 1600s. His friends were burned at the stake, and Guy was hung, drawn, and quartered. So, everyone celebrates these deaths (kind of weird...) by having huge firework displays and bonfires! Unfortunately, I haven't been able to see any firework shows, but its been a really busy week, so that's been the thing that's had to go...


Let me give you a little picture of today. We get picked up by the guys as usual, to find out Taige is sick. He was supposed to be our "Jesus" and "Blind man" for our sketch (skit) in our assembly with me and Ivy today. Hm. Ok, well, Toms would have to step in and improvise. Thankfully, he was more than willing. We leave in PLENTY of time to get to the school- it was approximately 3 miles away (I think google maps said)...though it took us about a half hour to get there! I think we stopped and asked for directions 4 times. So we BARELY make it into the assembly, it goes fine-- the ending was bad, but I can work on that...and we go back to the church Building.

We're casually eating lunch when in the midst of her conversation, Kat mentions one of the Senior Teen girls' names. Toms exclaims, "OH MY DAYS!" (His most common expression), he and I shoot looks at each other, grab our stuff and FLY out the door with barely a word. We had COMPLETELY forgotten we were supposed to be meeting this girl at her school to share our testimony's with her high school CU (Stands for "Christian Union") during their lunch. We don't have directions but I call Benson on our way and he gives me directions to the school from Google Maps that take up like three pages of the back of the useless directions we ended up not using earlier that morning. And all I have is my highlighter which is running out of ink. I get off the phone with him and look at Toms and he says something to this effect, "Right. We're not gonna use those 'cause that's not the direction I took..." Haha. So we call Emily (the girl we were meeting) and she gets us there no problem...and JUST in the nick of time. I love how we can plan, plan, plan...or completely and totally forget...and still, God has His way.

Here are some of our initial thoughts after the assembly:

I know "the answer" as far as "God uses the weak to show His strength" and "You're being used in ways you'll never know"...that sort of thing. And I believe it. But there are times, I mean when it comes down to it, when I can't help but wonder, "What the johnny am I doing here?!" Why in the WORLD was I invited to talk at TWO schools today about Jesus Christ? I am most unqualified. Others could share it way more effectively. I don't get it. This is so random. What a privilage. What an opportunity to be involved in this. Yet, it still doesn't make any sense to me.

Tomorrow morning I share my testimony once again at Bettws High School. Pray for me, please. And pray for soft hearts. And souls to be saved. That's why we're here.

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Congratulation, Your an Aunt! Love the baby picture!