Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving in Wales!

Today was a fun-filled day! Thank you so much to all of you who were praying for me- and for your encouraging emails. God did pour out His grace to me today, and I didn't struggle at all being away from home (as much as I do love and miss my family!)

I went to the McCann's last night (Bob is one of the pastors, and two of their girls are in my LIFE group) and the mom/wife, Annemarie, helped me make pumpkin pie from scratch for today. (They are an American family and have been here about a year and a half.) I ended up yacking her ear off until midnight, so crashed on their couch.

This morning Annemarie graciously took me to the grocery store and I stocked up on snacks and goodies for today.

The guys came over around noon- we had cheese (and wine and grapes thanks to Taige!) and crackers, pineapple, sausage balls, crisps, salsa, more crisps...oh gosh, I don't even know what else. I made cinnimon buns that STILL haven't made it in the oven yet- we were full and watching a movie (Yay for Elf to kick off the Christmas season officially!) but I plan to make them for this weekend.

At 5 we went to the Church Building, and Sarah and Annemarie have been working tirelessly to plan a wonderful dinner for the Gap Team and the Leadership team and their families. We had a great time!

I got to Skype (not Scope) with my family which was WONDERFUL!

Isaiah 55:9-10. I am so grateful that God's ways are higher than my ways. His thoughts far above mine. Me being in Wales...not exactly "my ways"...was never in "my thoughts."

Oh but it is in His!!! This year is for a purpose! This year will bear fruit- either in me or through me or somewhere...because He promises to continue a work He's done in my heart. I am grateful that I can embrace this promise and this Truth. I am grateful for Grace. For my salvation. And for the innumerable blessings showered on me daily because He delights for me to enjoy this life He's given me.

I'm growing increasingly more grateful for the relationships that richly bless my life. Dozens of names and faces pop in my head. Those I've lived with, those who I'm able to talk to on a regular basis, those who send me texts to encourage me...even some where interaction is fewer and farther between...but the richness and the depth of the relationship is so incredibly precious. I am spoiled. Completely and entirely.

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