Monday, November 10, 2008

Tesco day

Someone told me this week that there's a FREE bus to Tesco's that leaves from the bus station! We had all talked about going grocery shopping as a team in the car, but I decided to take the adventure on the free bus for today. Check it out, and then let everyone know what its like.

Left the house at 10am to walk into town. Made a quick stop at Barclay's (bank) and ran into Primark (super cheap clothing store) to get a few things. One of them being my first pair of boots. Ah, they are so needed.

Then off to the free bus I went! Got directions...which weren't good, so got directions to the counter at the bus station to learn that the free bus only makes one run a day...and its only on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Hm. Well, today's Monday. Which means I'm outta luck.

My left achilies tendon has been hurting for the last three days. Each morning (after resting for the night) it feels totally fine...but by the end of the day, its aching again. After the mile walk into town, and then to the bus station, it was starting to hurt. I pondered what the two mile walk to Tescos would look like knowing the first mile is totally uphill...and decided it was worth the pound twenty to take a bus.

Got to Tescos, did the usual shopping, purchased my things and took a look at my cart. Hm. That's a lot of stuff. But I figured I could carry it the little way to the bus stop, plop it all down on the floor once I got on the bus, and I'd be fine. I pushed the trolley (cart, buggy, whatever) to the very edge of the edge of the edge of the car park (parking lot) and began my endeavor. I put one of the bags in my purse. My big purse-- the one that looks like a mail bag. Then tied a bag on either side of the strap. I put four bags on my left arm, two on my right, and had my 24 roll of Tescos toilet paper balancing between my hands. I looked ridiculous. I walked over to the bus stop and plopped down. Waited about 10 or 15 minutes for the bus to get there. As one came around the corner, I saw it said "Bassaleg Road" on it. MY road. Wahoo! Maybe I wouldn't have to go back to the bus station to catch a ride to Bassaleg, and I could just go straight there! I was stoked. That saves me a pound twenty.

I look at the driver and say, "Does this go to the entrance of the cemetery on Bassaleg?" He says he doesnt know (I think it was his first day) but the guy behind him (who looks like he's observing him) says, "No, Love, you have to go to the bus stop across the street by the McDonalds. It's number 33." Sweet! Ok. No big deal. Walk across the street (several drivers are laughing at me carrying all my stuff) but I eventually get there and plop down again.

About twenty minutes goes by. No bus. I pick up the phone to call Toms to beg for a it rings, around the corner comes number 33! Yay! Guess what? Same driver as before. He'd finished his route and was back to do another. I get on.

I ride....and ride...and ride...and we keep going. And we pass both stops I'd been at earlier...and we arrive at the bus station. Wrong information that this would go past my house on my street. Bummer. I attempt to gather all my things and realize that my bags are slowly ripping. I begin to put the stuff that's falling out into other bags...only making them heavier and making those bags rip. I litterally hobble off of the bus picking up cans and such as they fall out of my bags and try to get out of the way. I re-organize, and pick everything up once more...and the lemon juice falls out and breaks. Glass and lemon juice all over.

As I begin picking the pieces of glass up, the sweet Indian man at a nearby bench, had consolidated HIS groceries, to give me an extra bag. HOW SWEET.

I looked at my stuff. I looked around. NO idea what to do. I wanted to ask someone, "Will you please help me?" But had no idea what helping me looked like at all! Everyone else on the team was AT Tescos at this point, so Toms wouldn't be able to come get me. Plus, it'd been about two hours and I was concerned that things were thawing out. What in the world was I supposed to do? I KNEW my bags wouldn't make it down the long bus stretch to my Bassaleg bus. And I couldn't leave my bags to go into a store hopefully nearby and get extra ones. Hm. Hm. Hm.

I put the milk in my purse. Two bags into my larger Primark bag which already had another grocery bag in it, carried that from the bottom, tied another bag around my purse's strap because the other one had broken...and well, to be honest, I don't know how I carried the rest. I asked the Indian man if he'd watch my 24 rolls of toilet paper for a minute. He agreed.

I walked to the coaches (taxis). I knew this would be expensive. He said itd be three or four pounds, but when I told him I had to run and grab something else, he made it five. Ah, whatever. get me home! =) My achilies tendon was beyond throbbing at this point.

But I did it! I made it home! Just before 3pm. Almost ten pounds on transportation for my allegedly "free" Tesco run but the lessons were priceless.

I got home, began to put things away, and started BELTING out worship music.

It's in times like this...moments like these, that I want to VENT. I want to be angry. Or have self pity. But you know what? It's really not a big deal. Chances are, I won't be walking to the grocery store for the rest of my life. And my Prince is here with me. Helping me. Reminding me of His promises. And His love.

And now I'm chatting with my sweet friend, Lindsay Jones, and being encouraged by joy we have in ASSURANCE of our salvation. What a gift!


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Vanessa said...

i love that i can see every second of this happening. would you be angry if i told you i laughed through the WHOLE thing?? :)
glad your safe. and rest that achilles ok?

Unknown said...

Lol, OH MY GOSH this is hysterical. I can't believe I missed seeing all that, especially you walking around carrying TOILET PAPER! Jage thanks for sharing this :-) My life suddenly doesn't seem so bad. :-D

Unknown said...

Janelle, you were such a good sport about this. If it happened to me I would have given up and got pretty angry. Its amazing how you see Gods goodness in these situations-you're a great example.