Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Favorite GAP day so far!

Today we went to the Three Black Birds pub (our fave) with Bob McCann and talked about sin. It was by far my favorite time in the last several weeks. I have never felt so equipped to fight my sin with the Gospel. I feel like the whole time he was showing us tools and teaching us how to use them. Not only that, I got to have an Archers and lemonade, a latte AND a big whoppin' piece of chocolate fudge cake with ice cream on top. DELISH.

This is me enjoying...

And this is my plate about 3 minutes later.

Ehem. Conversation goes as follows:

Me: (pushes plate ahead of me so I can get to my latte) Ah, that was so good.
Bob: Woah, Janelle you really packed that away
Taige: Janelle waits for no man.

haha! Not when I'm eating!!!

NOT ONLY that, but I got to receive texts all throughout the day from my wonderful brother who is going to be a FATHER in a matter of hours! Jack is on his way! Last I heard, Katie had her epidural, water broke, and she was 3 cm. I'm going to be an aunt!!!
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Anonymous said...

Three things: 1) I love that your manly appetite hasn't changed 2) yer hair looks epic 3) CONGRATS on being an aunt soon!!!

Meghann Roberts said...

Yay! I can't wait to see pictures of the new little Leach! What a wonderful Aunt that baby is going to have! ;)

Anonymous said...


I had lost the link for a while and couldn't find it. I even googled "gone whaling" but it didn't come up.

Thanks for the email link!

I watched the video you have on there about the assembly. I miss you so much!!!

Stay beautiful!!

I cannot wait to see you again!!