Thursday, November 6, 2008

Timeliness and Growth

Timeliness is a good thing. Being on time communicates that you're prepared, ready to serve someone, and responsible. It shows you respect the other person's schedule and appreciate their time.

However, I'm too passionate about this topic.

In this season, with my schedule not being my own or in my control, and my car not being my own, and the when we leave to be at things not being in my hands, I am finding that it takes about two seconds for me to be anxious or irritated in my heart. Such a small thing reveals so much pride, anger, and self-righteousness. I litterally become restless inside. I feel like something is squirming within me. I loathe calling my Home Group Leader's wife to tell her once again, I will be late to be picked up. When really, its not a huge deal. I just need to get over it.

This goes much deeper though, than just "being on time." It's my idol of productivity. If I can't see or feel that something is being efficient, I'd rather move on to something else. Because of this, sadly, I realize I have neglected wonderful opportunities to build relationships with people because I'd rather "be home reading" or sleeping, or having a deep, meaningful conversation than I would be just hanging out. But its IN the hanging out, that relationships are built. People seeing that you just want to live life with them. Be with them. Enjoy them.

I couldn't be weaker in this area. I am so excited about having these two things collide. My job some days is to hang out with people. It's so funny how twisted in my mind that is! I want to WORK. I want to DO WELL. But what that means, is probably staying up late, not planning ahead what I'm going to do, and just existing. How sad it is that this can be such a challenge for me!

Granted, when I'm with those I know well, its not nearly as big of a struggle. But to just build relationships this way, is so difficult for me. Praise the LORD that He knows JUST what I need. He knows my weakness, and has purposed to HELP me in it. I couldn't be more excited. I so want to change.

And in His mercy, He provides me with GRACE. Grace to change, grace to grow, grace in the midst of my struggle. Grace to see Christ. As He lived life on this earth-- friend of sinners. Of who I am the foremost. Just being with people like us. Serving them. Loving them. I've been challenged by a quote from Valley of Vision-- that as Christ represents me in heaven, I want to reflect Him on earth. Oh, Father, HELP ME! And let it be so!


Here are a few pictures from today at Bettws: The assembly went well, thank you for praying. We anticipate seeing many "Bettws faces" at VJ tomorrow night.

And then we used Bunson Burners for our "Bettws CSI." So fun.

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