Thursday, November 20, 2008

Who wants to be an American?

Today we did an "intro" assembly at a new school- St. Jullians. For their year 7s. (6th grade)

Peter did such a good job opening us up and sharing why we're even in Wales-- because Jesus Christ has changed our lives and we want to tell people about Him.

Toms was our "host" for our game show, "Who wants to be an American?" and he did an absolutely amazing job. Four volunteers at the front on each team with three lifelines each: phone a yank (who was Taige), Audience votes, and four choices. We asked them questions like, "What's the capital of the US?" and "What do Americans call "mobile phones"?" The kids LOVED it! (And so did I!!!) They know way more about America than I know about any other country or culture. It was a great way to sort of "get in there" and start to build a foundation for hopefully future relationships!

It looks like we'll be able to teach some Religious Education (RE) classes at this school for years 7, 10, and 11 coming up-- sharing our testimonies and talking about Christianity. The doors that are opening here are incredible. I just can't believe it.

Off to "tea" at the Rees' before home group in a bit, and then tomorrow night we have LIFE and all my LIFE girls are coming over for a sleepover! We plan to make pizza, eat cupcakes, watch the Lizzie McGuire movie munching on popcorn, and wake up to chocolate chip pancakes! I am so excited about spending time with them! Hopefully I'll be able to post some pictures- should be a blast!

Gotta run...hope all is well with you all!

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