Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I always thought I knew what "assurance" was. Specifically assurance of my salvation. I could define it, I could describe it, and I'd probably do a fairly good job convincing you that I indeed have assurance that I am saved and now one with Christ.

However. I now realize, through the reading I did today, that my assurance is very very weak. Sadly, these truths that I LOVE and HOPE in...well, rarely does my soul- when faced with temptation, resonate with the Holy Spirit that I am a child of God...and am indeed dead to sin.

The book is titled, "The Gospel Mystery of Sanctification". I received it from Danny and Melodye Jones for Christmas. I am on chapter 4 (though I plan to re-read chapter 3) and announced to the GAP Team today that this is quite possibly one of the best books I've ever read. They couldn't believe I made that statement so early on in the book. I couldn't either.

Apart from "The Gospel Primer," I don't know that I've read another book that preaches the Gospel to my heart more frequently than this one. Each time the author gets to another "qualification" we need to have to overcome sin, he shines light on another facet of this most beautiful diamond called the Gospel. Which then, in His kindness, the LORD illuminates to me...making me stare in awe at the words on the page...amazed that this is truly the state of my being now that Christ's life is declared as mine.

The second and third "qualification" (out of the four) affected me the most.
(This is paraphrasing)

2. You have to be totally assured that you are reconciled to God and accepted by Him. Be absolutely sure the chasm sin has caused between me and God has been completely filled- and now I'm totally under His love and favor.

Right. And I could read that everyday for the rest of my life and still not fully get how amazing this Truth is.

3. Assurance of happy, eternal future with the LORD in the new heaven and new earth.

Oh, LORD, make me to know these Truths deeper than I've known them before. Brand this on my heart. Help me to live my justified status before you.

Praying you are also rejoicing at this most glorious wonder: ASSURANCE.

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