Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Welsh Birthday!

Monday afternoon I was invited to Elen Rees' 8th birthday party! The party was "backwards" to what I'm used to...presents were first

Then food, and then the cake goes home with the girls as a party gift! They call jello "jelly" and we had that with ice cream for dessert.

This is Rowanne playing "pass the parcel" with the girls. A "surprise" gift is wrapped and then an added gift goes around it and is wrapped, and so on-- so there were probably like 5 gifts wrapped in 5 different layers. You pass the parcel (package) around like the game hot potato- with music playing. When the music stops, whoever's holding it, unwraps one layer and gets the gift.


This has been a really good week. Seems like its been laid back. Today I totally faked a lesson at Bettws. They've changed my hair class to be in the IT room now-- and its supposed to be the kids using the computers to design nail art and tattoos which I know very little about. Last week and this week I made it up as I went...but Elsing has been assigned to my workshop and will be teaching graffiti beginning next week. Um, YAY!

We had Home Group tonight and I just love it. Such great conversations. I am encouraged and provoked to read Scripture and pray more...because my love for Christ compels me to-- not out of any feeling of "I should." My affection has been stirred afresh once more! Ah, His kindness to us is GREAT!!!

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