Saturday, January 10, 2009


Lack of sleep + 2 days in New York + Jet Lag + VJ + Shockwave =

VJ last night was...rough. Loads of fights and rough housing. But hey- at least they came. The Gospel was preached.

We're starting something called "VJ xtra" every month- two weeks after VJs. They'll still be on Friday nights, but its more of an "ALPHA" setting. For non believers to ask questions and engage in conversation about what was talked about the previous VJ. And for our LIFE kids (the Youth Group) to bring their unbelieving friends to.

Today was our last Shockwave. Ever. We're transitioning our outreach to 6-11 year olds to Sunday mornings instead and encouraging parents to come along to the Sunday service. Unfortunately, the GAP Team will no longer be involved in this.

Well I'm off to take a kip (nap) for several hours. Couldn't sleep again last night. But hey, it was 2am instead of 3, so there's improvement! And I completely finished the book "Mistaken Identity" the last two nights- I highly reccomend it. Very challenging.

Hope you're loving 2009 as you get into the groove of things!
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allister said...

So was that a posed picture? Maybe that's a dumb question...

Sounds like you guys are entering into some fun new changes! Praying it continues to go well...and praying you get some sleep!