Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I <3 NY continued...

Peter's pictures from Day 1:

Rockefeller Center
Day 2.

So, we went to the airport early yesterday and they had the same deal as the day before. $400 Delta dollars and a hotel for the night if you "volunteered" to get bumped off the flight. We decided not to take it this time. We needed to get back before Thursday. We got on the plane, had a glass of champagne and I was ooing and ahhing over the amazing amount of leg room...when the woman from the Delta counter came on the plane and practically begged us to re-consider and take the voucher.

We asked more questions (well, Peter did) and she told us we could fly out that NIGHT instead of waiting until this morning. So, we took it. Another $400 Delta dollars for arriving in Newport around 3pm instead of 2am. Love it.

The next 5 hours in the airport were not pleasant, but they're over.

Once back in Manhattan, we had lunch at a stereotypical New York pizza place. It was delish. Twenty bucks says one of those guys was named Tony.

My hat and gloves were needed purchases- it was FREEZING!

St. Patty's Cathedral

IT SNOWED! More than two snowflakes, I promise.

They lit up the ball Tuesday night- and that was cool.

At five o'clock we took the E train on the subway and it broke down. Thankfully, we had a lot of maps. Peter re-routed us, and we still made it to the airport on time! God is so kind. At one point, it was so crowded, I think I was touching five people at one time. Little claustrophobic.

First class is way more amazing than I thought! You can tell I fit in really well- no one would've ever guessed I was "bumped." I think my hair says it all.

They have MENUS. Dinner was incredible. I had Beef Tenderloin.

And we landed in Manchester with snow on the ground!

Took a few trains to get back into Newport and have been swapping Christmas stories with the Gap Team ever since! Taige is skiing with his family and isn't back yet. (We miss you, Taige!) Toms went to America for the first time (it was actually his first flight ever) and thinks the best thing about the States is, "Everything is just done better." Kat had a really wonderful time with friends and family.

Ivy has been slaving for two weeks developing her AMAZING cooking skills. She made us some incredibly stupendous creative dinner tonight and is running around just serving us left and right. And its obvious she went above and beyond to make the house spotless before we got home. What a gem.

We have tomorrow morning off, and then a pretty crazy weekend I think.

It's funny being back; seems like I never left. Really good to see everyone again. I'm reminded once more how unique this season of life is: living life with 5 others so closely-- I'm going to try and squeeze every ounce out of it that I can get!


allister said...

I don't know why but i can't see like half the pics...they just come up as little question marks.

Well, looks like loads of fun! I've only flown twice in any plane period. I can't imagine what first class must be like!

You have great style, Jage.

Meghann Roberts said...

Wow! Definitely squeeze every ounce out of this time! What a unique season you are in and how fun it is to watch God stretch you and bless you! =) Oh, and when you come back, I'll make you some fried okra...and whatever else sounds good to you! We found a house in GA and there's room for you to visit =)!!! Love and miss you!!! Oh, and now I have Skype, so let's set up a date! Sydney cried when you left, so I know she would be thrilled to see you! Ok, I know, this is turning into an email instead of a comment! I'll stop now!! =)