Sunday, January 25, 2009

LIFE girls glamor shots!

This picture is random. We went to the "surgery" which is the doctor's office to get registered. I loved how the guys kept going up to the counter to "take care of things."

Yesterday morning my LIFE girls came over for lunch, a bible study, makeovers and glamor shots. We had SO much fun! The girls made cupcakes, lunch AND dinner. I was so proud of them.

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Kat said...

OMG... Janelle. that photo of the guys is priceless.
thank you for capturing the moment. said...

WOW! The girls look beautiful and the pictures are amazing. This makes me miss my time with my girls back from my old church. There graduating this year :( Now I am going to be praying for some girls that I can start getting to know here at Deluge. Thanks for serving. You are a blessing. Love you!