Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I <3 NY

Yes, I got in trouble for taking this picture. I feel like I lived here, at gate 12, for a few days!

So we got our flights all situated and dropped our things off at the Ramada. A couple who'd also been bumped asked if we wanted to split a cab with them to Manhattan--uh...YEAH! They used to live in NY so gave us directions and a bunch of traveling tips. What a blessing!

Times Square! I kept saying all day, "Oh my gosh, I can't believe I'm in New York!"

My amazing sister helped me pack the night before and suggested I wear my wellies (aka rain boots) on the plane because they were the heaviest (and my bags were too full). Very good idea. However, not ideal for walking around in New York. So, this was my first purchase! And they were quite inexpensive.

We went to get Phantom of the Opera tickets, but for some reason they weren't selling them. So we got off Broadway tickets to see The Fantastics.

Chinese was what was for lunch! (Thank you, Tambra! It was delicious.)

Central Park

Lindsay, this was the closest I could get to "sending you snow."

So, the ball that drops is WAY smaller in real life than I thought it was. This is it close up. HOW CRAZY that just days before I watched the ball drop on New Year's and had NO idea I'd be in NY soon. There was still confetti on the ground. I'm a loser and picked some up as a souvenir.

And this is it far can barely see it at the very very top of the advertisements!

We went to the UN but were too late for a tour, so just took pictures and looked around.

Thought of you, Katelyn! Hugs!!!

Rockefeller Center

Off Broadway it is!

Front row seat. I felt like I was ON stage. It was great!

Grand Central Station

The Subway!

Empire State building!

The end of Day 1 in New York. And yes, there was a Day two. My camera ran out of battery, so those pictures are on Peter's camera. When I get them, I'll post all about it. I'm safely in Newport now after some long traveling hours, but Ivy has us on "operation get over jet lag" and is making us eat and stay awake as long as she we should be set!

Thank you so so so much for your prayers for safe travel. The LORD answered above what I imagined!

Missing you so much already!

Ps. Family in New Jersey, I thought of calling you, really I did. But I figured that by the time I knew anything about where I was exactly or what I'd be doing, you'd be in the middle of your pre-planned, I knew my parents were with you and you guys all had plans- but I would've LOVED to've seen you. HUGS HUGS HUGS!!!


Anonymous said...

Ah great photos! They really seem to capture your time there.

That New Years ball is waaay smaller than they make it look...crazy.

Can't wait to see more!

The VanLue House of Happy Chaos said...

Oh Jage, I'm so glad you got to see NYC! My favorite place in the world!!! I love how the billboard says "looking good" behind you in the times square picture...and you are :) Love you!