Sunday, January 4, 2009

Go Whalers!...and back to Waling myself.

Went to Justin's hockey game last night- and yes, that "C" stands for captain! That's my bro!

Does anyone else find it weird that he's number 23 on the "Whalers" team, and I'll be living in Wales for most of the year once I turn 23?

This picture is completely random, but its my favorite position that Jack sleeps in. Elbows straight up in the air.

For all of you Welsh readers out there....THIS is why American's think its weird you only have two brands of peanut butter to choose from on the bottom shelf at Tescos...

Oh how I miss American grocery stores!

I can't believe my time in the States is wrapping up. It has been absolutely amazing! The LORD has met me, encouraged me, refreshed me, reminded me of His promises, and His faithfulness. Thank you so much to so many of you who have been the vessels of those reminders. I am falling more in love with the Savior as a result.

My flight leaves at 6:30a tomorrow and I think Peter and I head to JFK before flying to Wales. We grab the 11pm (Wales time) train from London to Newport-- to arrive in Newport at 2:06a on Tuesday. Should be a fun couple of days!

Missing you already...

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Melodye said...

We miss you too!! It was great to have a few days with you. We can't wait for your return from the "other side of the pond"!! I'm praying for your remaining time and trust that you will experience much grace and strength as you serve with all your heart and share your life with others.

Love you!!