Friday, September 19, 2008

Care Package and Bettws Hair Class!

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Yesterday we heard a knock on the door. We met Michelle, our neighbor. She held in hand a large box. When I introduced myself, she said, "Ah, this is for you." (Here, if you're not home, they give your mail to your neighbors.)

Kristen, Medana, Ariel, Lindsay, Janelle, Katelyn, and Hallye put together a wonderful box full of love and care for me. Lots of little goodies. Animals to "remember Katelyn and Hallye" by...(like it would ever be possible to forget them), a bag of quarters from Lindsay which made me laugh absolutely hysterically, a sweet note from Kristen that almost made me cry, one from Janelle reminding me that I am DEAD to sin and ALIVE to Christ! Thank you so much for your love, care, (spending lots of money!) to send my way. I was so overwhelemed. In a great way. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I love you all.

Today was another day at Bettws. I talked about Disney for about 45 minutes. It was fun to have the kids ask loads of questions about the States and how I got from Virginia to Orlando and why I wanted to do hair. (Aunt Judy, I always talk about you when I tell people about growing up and wanting to do hair- at Kim's wedding, when I was 13, [wow, Kim! You've been married for a long time!!!] loving watching you do updo after updo. Drooling at how good you are. Then, going back to Virginia and doing my first updo on Susanna Sylvester (now Walker) for a piano recital. And Vanessa who let me color and highlight and cut her hair bravely for years in high school.)

I have 6 boys in my hair class! I was NOT expecting that. =) I'm having to re-do my plans for what we'll be doing. Not totally sure what to do.

I'm exhausted. Mom, Kim, Nicole, I respect you so much for teaching. Wow. I'm so tired.

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