Monday, September 15, 2008


Well, the "normal scheduling" has begun. WAHOO! We are all so excited. Well, at least the girls and Peter I think is too. I don't think Taige and Sat Nav minded the "flying by the seat of your pants" (or trousers) for the first several weeks. I don't know, I could be wrong.

Mondays will traditionally be our days off. Tuesdays our "study day", Wed. half a school day and then something in the afternoon, Thursday our day at Bettws (and then Home Group), Friday another day at Schools probably doing assemblies, and then Friday night and Saturdays we'll be working with the teens.

Yesterday after serving the Shockwave workers lunch, I went home and slept from 3-7pm. Woke up and took some Tylenol pm knowing it'd take about 2 hours to kick in, had some dinner, and everyone went to the Greasely's to hang out until 2:30am. I, however, went to bed at 9, woke up at 7:30am this morning, had wonderful time in the Word, went for a mile run to, and mile walk back from a gorgeous view, ate some breakfast, and went BACK to sleep until 1:00pm. WOW. I am ENJOYING my day off for sure! I think I was starting to get sick, actually. But I feel great now!!!

This afternoon, Ives, Kat and I went through our schedule and talked about what we're used to, how many nights we plan to be home and out, and sort of divided up the house chores. (It's so wonderful to have different perspectives so we can help each other. We'll grow for sure in communication this year-- it's inevitable! Well, hopefully.) Then we all talked about how much we love the guys on our team and what unique roles they each play. We talked about how they are each so tender hearted, while still being very masculine. They have hearts to serve. Desires to protect us and encourage us. We are so spoiled.

I sat on the couch in amazement that I live with girls who are WILLING to sit around and sort the mundane stuff out. What a huge blessing!!!

My lap top isn't turning on. It's a little concerning. So right now I'm on one of the Church's computer's...some of the keys are different, so if there's random type-os, that's why. Please pray my lap top will be fixed and I don't need a new one-- that for sure is NOT in the budget right now. =)

Well, I've got to run. A laid back dinner and peaceful night (hopefully =) awaits me at home!


Lindsay said...

I'm not happy about the laptop thing...

Steph said...

*sigh* i'm really enjoying these posts, Jage. =)

Julie said...

JJ, I love you and miss you and I agree with Linds...the laptop thing is just not going to work. :)