Thursday, September 25, 2008

Week 3 at Bettws High School

Welcome to Miss Williams' class! (It's actually Mrs. Williams, but everyone calls everyone else "miss".)
This is Laura Williams and myself.
Dan gave me the brilliant idea of giving the kids a face to draw hair on and create a style. Well, I took that idea (and with help from Ives!) RAN with it. It took the full 2 hours of my hair class today. I was so impressed with what the kids did! I had them fill out a "brainstorming" page first. Deciding if the "character" they were coming up with had glasses, freckles, jewelry, piercings, bangs (which they call fringe), etc. Then, they drew it! This only proves my point that hair and make up can do SO MUCH to change a look. Each of the pictures on the bulletin board started out exactly the same. Craziness.
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I know what you're thinking. What in the world does this have to do with the Gospel? Well, a lot. We are in these schools, building relationships with these kids, so that when we do assemblies and share Truth with them, we have some foundation of relationship for them to (hopefully) respect us and give us some integrity behind what we're saying. But probably more effectively, it gives us the opportunity to invite them to the church's events- such as Shock Wave, Fuse, and Vintage Jesus. We are also reaching out to the teachers with hopes that their hearts will be opened to receiving the life changing news of Christ's death and resurrection.

We then had an awards assembly for the Kingswood trip we went on- you know, all the repelling and zip lining and stuff a few weeks ago? They gave us awards too, for going with them. Hip hip, Horray!
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Tonight (after a nap =) was dinner at the Rees' house and then Home Group. Words cannot describe to you my love for this family already. My respect for them, my amazement at God's grace in them and through them, the amazing ways they have served Peter and I so far...its beyond words. Sue is an absolutely FANTASTIC cook. Oh yum. And the desserts she makes?! Woah buddy. Peter and I both had seconds on his first birthday cake- dessert with the fam. It was a sponge cake they said-- like strawberry shortcake. DELISH. ;) And yes, you read correctly, Peter's first birthday cake. Sue made a SECOND cake for HOME GROUP people (which the dog ate earlier this afternoon) and she went to the store to replace it. Peter was sung to 5 times today. Speaking of Peter. I hope you enjoy this next bit. He's going to kill me...

When we first got here, Toms thought he looked like "Where's Wally"...or, what we call in the States, "Where's Walldo." Today, we were carrying benches to the assembly room, and Peter and Taige and Dave were in front of me. I heard one of the high school girls ask Miss Brown (the head teacher) who Peter was. She said, "He's one of the Americans." (That's what we are..."The Americans".) The girl then exclaimed, "He looks like 'Where's Wally'!" I laughed. What do you think???

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Anonymous said...

Great Posts JJ..unfornatly I do have to ask "where's wally?" because the pics of peter aren't showing up:(


Ivy said...

I second that Benson looks like Waldo!

Linds said...

Dude! He looks just like him!

Peter a.k.a. Brad Pitt said...


This post is completely inappropriate, and an example of why a license should be required to blog (cause you wouldn't pass)...

I find it interesting that you didn't write how many people have mentioned I look like Clark Kent- 10's of people (and it's not just because of the glasses)! There have been two that said I look like Wally. And I have a loyal following of girls at the school who refer to me as Brad Pitt.

And isn't there a law about not using someone's own picture against them?


And Ivy, you don't even know!

Stephanie said...

Oh my gosh, the pictures are all gorgeous! Especially if you're in them:)Two comments: I think "delic" is a perfectly ingenious new word and we should spread it around. (2)I love love love reading about the relationships you are able to build through the schools. What a fun and God-glorifying way to use your gifts!Your enthusiasm, pictures and journaling make me feel like I'm there. Miss you TONS!! Love, Steph A.

Jennifer Lightfoot said...

peter...these girls call you Brad Pitt? ::grin:: muahaha...ohk.

but seriously. where's waldo is prolly your twin brother...

i cant believe i've reached the point of making fun of someone i havent even met yet. haha!

love and miss you, jage!