Sunday, September 7, 2008


Ah, wireless internet in a Holiday Inn. What a wonderful surprise!

This pictures is of Shockwave on Saturday morning- looks a lot like Vintage Jesus on Friday night, but with younger kids. I made a bunch of new little friends at the nail painting table. They love my accent and want to know if I know Hannah Montana because she's on the Disney Channel and I live near Disney. How cute.

We made homeade pizza after shopping at Charity shops all day for grubby clothes for our field trip here with the Bettws (Bet-us) kids. I have a picture of Peter sleeping on the couch while we made it, but I think I told him I wouldn't post I'll just tell you about it. =) Kat is our Ceasar salad queen! Ivy runs around the kitchen serving serving serving by washing dishes and cleaning!
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Today we had a hog roast with stuffing after church. It was a visitor's Sunday so Pete answered common questions about the reliability of the Bible- can it be trusted? They're going through Reason for God by Tim Keller on their visitors Sundays. It was excellent. Simple, basic. The gospel. Glorious in its entirety. We sang the lyrics, "Your love has saved me! By your grace I now draw near, Your love has set me FREE to glorify Your Name, and I, I want to sing, of Your love." I couldn't contain myself. Arms flailing all about as I worshiped to these truths. I am FREE from my sin so that I can GLORIFY HIM. My life no longer is about ME! It has been purchased! (My Metro friends have been encouraging me about my freedom in Christ which they learned more about last weekend- thanks, Jordan!)
This is documentation of Sat Nav's first PBJ bite. (That's Kat's hand from the back seat). He thinks, "They just don't go together." Right. Like Spaghetti and Meatballs don't go...
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It's been a long weekend- sleeping every moment we get!

This is where I am!
Went on a muddy obstacle course blindfolded. Glad we stopped at those charity shops yesterday. My feet were wet and cold for hours but it was so worth it. One of the boys, Courtney, (I know, its a girls name...) was stoked I got all muddy. He started splashing mud on me. He's actually in my year seven class (all the groups are mixed with different classes) and again, all the kids love my accent. I apparently have the most American accent out of everyone (which makes no sense at all) but they're all saying, "oh say this, oh say that" and then cracking up. It's so fun!
Oh this is great. After probably the worst fire drill I've ever witnessed (kids SPRINTING outside and screaming and taking about 20 minutes to settle down) we were rushed into a computer lab, thrown "scripts" and costumes and told we were in a "mystery murder". We each went to our separate classrooms to be interrogated by the kids. I was Sister Rosemary Bead. A nun. We had so much fun. Everyone thought I was guilty. The whole class. I couldn't tell if that's because I did a good job or a bad job...Peter said its because he did a good job- he was the one blackmailing me. Which makes the most sense. He did it all in an Indian accent. I so wish I could've been in the other rooms to hear what went on! Kat was the real guilty one.
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And this is all of us crammed in the TINY elevator!
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Lindsay said...

I make fun of your accent too. Words like "cun" when its "can"