Monday, September 8, 2008

Day #2 at Kingswood

This is black pudding. A common British dish. It was on the breakfast bar. It's congealed pig's blood. Gross.
This is "transition". The kids all made their own songs and designed their own cd covers. We just went around to all the activities with a group of kids. It was great!
This is how the kids get quiet. =)
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 Ringing out socks from the obstacle course. 
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We did archery today. Taige, Peter, Toms and I were all in the same group. Peter was the last to go, and he challenged the principal. He KILLED it. All 3 in the yellow, last one dead on bulls eye.
And this is his victory walk.
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It has been amazing how the LORD has provided open doors even just with our accents being so cool to the kids. They FLOCK to us. Literally.
Tomorrow's supposed to be rainy (*shocker*), and will obviously be cold as it's cold everyday here, so we're all planning on heaping on the layers. Tomorrow's our last full day, and then Wednesday's a half day.

Thursday is our first day at Bettws with our forms and my teacher's already assigned for me to lead the class. It should be really easy though- with all the teachers that run in the family, I'm not worried about it. I know grace will be sufficient for that day. I just have to lead them in doing a collage about this trip, and then a presentation on it, and then share about myself and teach them about America. She said it needs to be 2 hours. I love the challenge!

I have some cute pictures of the kids faces, but don't know yet if legally I'm allowed to post them. If I am, I'll get on it.

Loving blogging everyday. It makes it so much easier to remember all that's happend. Missing you!!!


Marvin033 said...

Cool pics..though some of your pics don't show up..:(

Vanessa said...

ok so...the guy behind you in the pic where you are making that ridiculous face, looks like will anderson. just a thought. xoxo