Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Weekend update

Saturday we had FUSE. Anna and I were captains for our pick up football (soccer) team. HYSTERICAL. My team totally won. The most embarrassing part, was: I stole the ball from one of the really good players on the other team, had NO ONE on defense- just me, the ball, the goal and the goalie- I was on...they call it a "break away" in hockey, what is it in soccer??? Well, you get the point, and I TOTALLY MISSED the goal in its ENTIRETY! I scored later in the game after missing another WIDE OPEN shot, so it didn't really make it justifiable. But I had a stinkin BLAST. In one of the skateboard races I was in, I had one of the girls hold my camera, and someone threw a ball at her, and unfortunately, it was dropped, and it broke. The lens broke. I don't think its repairable. But Ives is letting me borrow hers!

Sunday afternoon we had an "Australian Sausage Sizzle." All the Uni (University) students from Christchurch came over to the guy's house and we had glorified hot dogs on bread instead of a bun. I had so much fun getting to know some of the girls. We then went to the top of the hill behind the guys house (where I run to when I go for a run) - it's gorgeous!

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Emily, Vikki, Anna, me.

Then Ives, Anna, Emily (Anna's cousin) and I climbed a tree behind the guy's house in our Sunday best!


That night we had dinner at the guy's house. We were so full from the sausages (I wasn't though, I could barely make myself finish it; not a huge fan...) we had chicken Caesar salad and watched Zoolander. The guy's have an apple tree behind the house, so they picked the apples, and we made apple pie! It was DELIC. (Peter and Toms just informed me that it should be spelled Delish. What do you guys think?)

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Monday was GORGEOUS. We've had like 10 or 11 days in a row with no rain. I LOVE IT! It's still a wee bit chilly, but I think I'm adjusting. I went for the best run of my life so far on Monday. Up to the top of the hill behind the guy's house. It's pretty much uphill the whole way. I had heaven in my ears as I listened to worship music and tried to SOAK IN all of the blessings of being here. This wonderfully quaint little town, the gorgeous views, the Savior of my life pursuing my soul, awakening my heart to ways He is working that I couldn't readily see before- it was UH-MAZING.

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Ives serves us by doing all our laundry. We don't have a dryer, so she was hanging it up to dry-- how fun! =)

Tuesday is "study day". The guys and Mike came over and we had chocolate chip muffins and talked about some culture differences and heard from Mike on other things. We read a chapter in Knowing God, and the first chapter of Bible Doctrine. Man, I'm loving that book. Then...dun da duh....we got internet! So, yes! I am blogging from the comfort of my very own living room couch! It is 6:30 in the morning because we don't have wireless set up yet-- and my lap top is the only one that can pick up the internet (???) so it's been communal. Ives hasn't had a chance to check her mail yet, so I wanted to make sure she could do that this morning if she had time.

Today we're off to Mount Pleasant- meeting the year 4s. We're going to be alternating every Monday- one week we'll be with year 1s, the next with year 4s. Then, our very needed planning half day! I have to come up with a curriculum for hair and gymnastics this term. Whew. Glad Dan is a teacher- I definitely need his help! Any ideas? Send them my way! (Keep in mind, about half the class is boys...)

Hope you are doing well and enjoying the NEW MERCY the LORD created afresh for you today! Specifically tailored to YOU and YOUR day TODAY! Over and out...


Anonymous said...

Football good stuff! I have also had a few breakaways (you were correct)only to totally miss the goal, pretty embarrassing... Glad you are having a good time


Praise said...

Miss you JJ! So glad to hear you are doing well. Brian keeps asking when you are coming over! He seems to forget each time I tell him you are FAR, FAR, AWAY! He doesn't like it!

Linds said...

Hahaha over and out! Good ending Jage that was rad. So I am VERY proud of you for playing soccer and apparently lasting the whole game without falling over waiting for death :D Sounds like those runs are FINALLY paying off! Oh and by the way, its delish. I'm no speller but saying delic sounds retarded lol. LOVE YOU!

Jenn Romanski said...

1. i agree with the guys...delish :-)

2. it's still a 'wee bit' chilly? you sound like an irishmen. i LOVE it!

3. love the pictures and the details. and when you say "UH-MAZING" because I can hear you say it in my head and it makes me smile.

love and miss you

Jennifer Lightfoot said...

i totally have to agree with linds on this one. it's 'delish.' :0)

sounds like sooooooooooo much fun! i'm getting jealous-er and jealous-er the more i read. ;o)

praying for you!!

Mandy, said...

JJ, I love reading your blog and hearing all that's going on in your life way across the ocean! Praying for you! Miss you!
~ Mandy