Friday, September 12, 2008

First day of School


Well, I must admit. I didn't think I'd have another first day of school ever again.

Yesterday was our first day at Bettws (Bet-us) High School (year 7) with the kids. I began to more fully appreciate our time away with them. The name learning and relationships that were built...knowing who the trouble makers were and what to look out for. What a blessing that they were WAY better behaved in school.

I love my teacher, Laura Williams. She is so sweet and seems very easy to work with. What an answer to prayer.

Today we are at the Building to brainstorm about our curriculum. It looks like I'll be teaching a Hair Class. (Ok, Orlandoers, how big of a sense of humor does God have? What a blessing that I had my first hair class in the States, and even though several adjustments need to be made and my audience is different, at least I have somewhere to start!)

Then we're off to Tesco's (grocery store) to get groceries and ingredients for soup that we're making for the Shockwave workers for lunch after church on Sunday.

Tonight we have 10:31 (referring to a Corinthians passage) for the teens within Christchurch and their parents. So we'll set up and attend that.

And then tomorrow we have OFF!!! I am elated to be able to sleep in and get some more cleaning done around the house- maybe even make a few meals to freeze.

Last night was Peter and my first night at our Home Group. We were assigned to the Reese Group. Andy and Sue and their 4 kids. I LOVE them. We LOVE our group. Can't wait to dive into these relationships. So encouraged by the love of the gospel displayed in these lives.

Please continue to pray for our relationships together as a TEAM. For unity, humble hearts, and eyes of grace. What a joy it is to serve alongside these fellow laborers.

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Ashley Walter said...

JJ! I love reading your blog and seeing all that you are doing and how God is using you! Thank you for keeping us all updated. I miss you!