Monday, September 1, 2008

Cemet'rys and Green Cantelopes

MIKE AND SARAH ARE HERE!!! We love them so much already. They arrived on Saturday safe and sound.

That night we had our first family dinner. Shepherd's pie, cooked carrots, and Caesar salad. Ivy and I cut the cantelope to find a GREEN inside. I thought, "Aw man, we must've gotten a Honey Dew..." But it smelled like cantelope. We ate it, it tasted like cantelope. Apparently, they just have green cantelopes over here! Crazy!
Then we went for a walk through the cemetery to try and find the short cut to the guys' house.

Short cut? Ha! It took us forever and we ended up walking in circles, but oh my goodness, it was beautiful. What a fresh reminder at how quick life is. Seeing hundreds and hundreds of grave stones- knowing this life is just a blink of an eye. It made me even more ON FIRE for what it is we're doing here. Sharing Eternal Hope with those who don't know it. This life is temporary, but joy comes with focusing on things that are EVERLASTING. The God of all Creation has pursued us- even in our wretched rebellion, loved us, paid the debt of our sin by crushing His Holy Son, and desires to love us and be with us forever. What a mystery. I am becoming wonderfully comfortable in uncomprehendible awe of this unfathomable Truth.

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Sunday was amazing. My cheeks hurt from smiling so much. We were warmly welcomed by the church. (They took video of us introducing ourselves- once its on the website, I'll post the link.) The message was so appropriate for what I've been working through. My weakness. "I'm rubbish." =) And yet, God is constant. The gospel still applies. Christ has earned AND maintains my standing before the Father. Glorious.

We went to Kate's house for lunch. She made spaghetti and Bolognese for like 20 people. Unbelievable hospitality. Beautiful view. It was so wonderful. I met Anna Greasely, who knows Julie, Steph, and Kyle Davis- and I have a feeling her and I will be great friends this year. =)

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Today we have off, and tomorrow we meet at the Church Building at half ten to meet with the pastors and get to know them better. Then we head off to West Wales for our Team Building Retreat for two days! I am SO stinkin excited. We'll be studying evangelism, fear of man, talking about how we want to grow this year, our classroom expectations, and sharing our testimonies. Please pray for unity and humility.

Friday we're going to Bettws (pronounced Bet-us) high school to meet the staff. We're excited! We were planning on meeting them today after their staff meeting (which they have at the Building) but they ended early. It looks like next week begins our "normalcy".

Can't wait to hear about Celebration, Metro-ers! Email me how God is working in your life!!!


Vanessa said...

hmmmm green cantelopes? thats a little shady.
miss you!

Anonymous said...

Some of those cemetery pics are amazing! It's great to hear about all of your adventures and how God is encouraging you.

Sharon (Peter's sister)

Lindsay said...

Jage you have a tendency to get lost these days like going 75 south when we're going to Virginia! May I suggest no more short cuts :D

Medana said...

Oh my darling hairdresser how I already miss you and your forever encouragement:) I just caught up on your blog and got excited all over again for you! I can already tell this year is not only going to "fly by" but you are going to grow so much from it! I will email later about my experience at Celebration! I adore you! Medana

Jenn Romanski said...

i have soooooo many things to say to you!
1. i <3 cantalope. so weird that it is green!

2. meeting at half ten? look at you embracing the british way of speaking so quickly!

3. the lights turn amber BEFORE turning green? pretty sure i would mess that up 9 times out of 10

4. what a wonderful reminder of the brevity of above a cemetary. remember that we are but a vapor!

5. i think i am going to be hanging out with Mary Grace this weekend! how grateful i am for your friendship...for many reasons of course. one of which is that it led me to Mary Grace, who will be a wonderfully familiar face in this unfamiliar state.


7. I love that I met Taige here last novemeber because i love that i can see pictures of you on facebook.

8. i love how the Lord has united your team together so quickly. how good are ALL OF GOD'S WAYS?!!?

9. I still want to come visit this spring. FOR REALZ!

10. I don't have anything else-but i didn't want to end on an odd number! LOVE YOU and miss you!

Lee & Jeannette Walti said...

Thank you SO much for your encouraging note. It made us both cry! We are so totally excited for you! How much fun you're having! Wonder if you're saying, "Okay, all of it was worth it...all the trials, hassles, etc, etc." We are still running around like crazy chickens with our heads cut off. Oh how we wish we had a couple of weeks more (there's still so much to do) but at the same time, I think it would kill us! Plus, whatever we don't get done in time must mean it wasn't that important, right?

We arrive in London (Gatwick) at
Terminal N at 09:15 (local time)
arriving 8 September 2008 from Orlando on Flight BA2038. We would love to see you but we TOTALLY understand if it doesn't work out. We'll have 6 hours so (departing at 4pm local time) if it's nice weather, we might walk around our take a bus and check out some of the sights.

Well, we so love you! And we are totally committed to getting to see you at some point soon! Love you lots!