Sunday, September 6, 2009

Bring back the biscuits!

Christchurch today was wonderful! It is so good to be back! It was great to see so many faces (and be told I looked tan!) Feels like I never left; feels like I've been gone ages. So strange without the Gappers. I am so excited to be here.

When Pete got up to speak (an excellent message by the way), in traditional Christchurch randomness, he made an extended announcement about a new facebook group. Apparently there is a "petition" on fb to "have the biscuits back" on Sunday mornings. (Biscuits are cookies that you eat while drinking tea.)

Yes. This is completely serious. Pete agreed before his sabbatical (this was his first Sunday back) that if over 100 members were apart of this facebook group upon his return, biscuits indeed would be back on Sunday mornings...with a few new "house" rules about clean up and crumbs, etc.

As of this morning there were 115 people apart of the group...and this week, it will be confirmed if over 100 of those are MEMBERS of Christchurch or not. I sat in my seat laughing uncontrollably. Only at Christchurch. Oh, only at Christchurch.

Love 'em.

I have a feeling that part of my job tomorrow will be counting members in a fb group...

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Peter said...

I better be considered a member....