Friday, September 11, 2009

Driving in Wales

So, yesterday, my car got back from the shop, and three brave souls requested a drive to Subway.

Really, they didn't need a ride, but wanted to give me an opportunity to practice that my brakes are done and all ready to go.


We climed in. Dave Taylor and Lewis in the back, Gav in the front instructing, and me in the driver's seat- on the right side of the car, listening to Gav's every word. Clutch, gear change, accelerator, clutch, brake...

We stalled a fair amount of times, but somehow made it to Subway and back in one piece! Without a dent on the car- whew! Gav had to reverse out of the car park for me-- there was a Mercedes next to us.

And a little less than an hour, I will venture onto Welsh roads on my own. I just took a spin in the car park around the building; first time in this car alone- making myself start and stop again, pretending I was going around round abouts, etc.

I don't mind if I die, but please pray I don't kill anyone else on the way home!!!

M4, here I come.

(M = Motorway. What they call the interstate.)


Anne said...

OK, you are making me really nervous. I am praying for you right now and watching out the window for you to get home!

janelle said...

You might not care if you die, but I definitely do! hahahahhaha, you crack me up. PLEASE be safe.

ivy gillette said...