Saturday, September 5, 2009

Lindsay and Janelle Phillips drove me to and fro in Orlando ALL day long doing my last minute (yet important) "US errands." They insisted on carrying all my luggage and wouldn't let me lift a finger all day. Parked in the garage at the airport, helped me check in, and then hung around looking in shops with me so I wouldn't be bored because the securitly line was short. They started a "thoughtfulness" streak that started with toast and OJ in the morning. (lol) I am spoiled. Rotten.

Lindsay making horrible jokes about the "body" in the bag. People were staring.

This picture makes me have to hold back tears.

And this is Wales! The foyer of Christchurch last night at our Parents meeting about the teens- I couldn't be more stoked!!! Gav (one of the pastors and my boss this year- both with the teens and in the office) did an outstanding job outlining for the parents what the goals and objectives were for this term. (until Dec.) We'll have "lifexteme" and "lifediscovery" and discipleship groups, and reach-outs for the friends of the teens...incredible. Absolutely incredible.
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