Saturday, September 19, 2009

Brittany the Glamour Girl

I sat next to a 19 year old girl from Chesapeake on her way to LA on my flight to Atlanta before coming to Wales on the 3rd.

Brittany has her own blog and its quite popular-- so popular that TJ Maxx flew her to California with 14 other bloggers, put her up in a Hilton, gave her a gift card, told her to shop and then blog about her experience. Pretty neat, hey?!

Sweet thing was terrified on the flight- we got to talk about heaven and hell, and I got to share with her how Christ has given me hope.

We swapped info and I walked her to her next gate, and said we'd keep in touch and hoped to get coffee next time I visited my parents.

She said she'd give a shout out to me on her blog and link mine...haha- my little old blog. How sweet. I just now have been able to sit down and check hers out and I thought I'd return the favor. Glamor Girl Tips


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Glamour Girl Tips said...

It was nice to meet you!!

Lovin the blog!