Tuesday, September 8, 2009

"Welcome back to Wales!"

Sunday after church I went with a bunch of Uni students to Dingo's new flat for lunch.

It was so strange being in the kitchen seeing all the GAP girls dishes and mugs, or spices with a "D" on it- indicating we purchased it for "Gap Family Dinner." The GAP Team seems so long ago-- how weird. It's all just a memory.

It was such a joy to catch up with Nikki! We chatted forever.

THIS...is none other than Pete Greasley- yes, my senior pastor- on just an ordinary Tuesday driving home from work. I love it! I'm hoping to get a ride soon. =)

I have absolutely loved being in the office the last two days. Gav, my boss, is wonderful to work with and is quite possibly one of the most efficient, productive people I've ever met. It's been fun answering phones again and having friends call (ehem, Anna) and BURST out laughing when I answer with my "phone voice." It is quite unique, very cheesy, and almost Disney-fied. I won't lie. It's great to have a real job again. Deadlines, to-do lists, post-its everywhere, and just lots of thinking- trying to stay on top of everything and take it all in.

I love being here so much. I love mundane, ordinary life. Hearing songs from "Wicked" played from the ipod speakers in the kitchen as water bottles are sung into as loud as possible and scenes are being acted out. Babysitting for families with adorable children. Having dinner plans with two godly women from my Home Group (FINALLY!). Loving it. Absolutely loving it.

Ps. I just want to say, to all those people who make fun of how I say the word "jewelry," that I in fact, am just pronouncing it the way the Brits spell it. Who knew?!



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ivygillette said...

ahhh this brings so much joy into my soul! Keep it coming girl!