Saturday, September 19, 2009

Driving uphill

Driving this week has gone surprisingly smooth- I love enjoying the grace God gives in the "little practicals" of life as well as the major storms. It's unbelievable how His faithfulness spans all things. Big and small.

A few trips from point A to point B have been made without any stalling whatsover- this is a miracle.

I must inform you of my encounter with my first major hill. Here in Wales, it's very hilly. Some looking like they go 90 degrees up. I hadn't realized until I came upon this hill, that I hadn't really done one yet. (Gap girls-- I was driving back from the big Tescos- the route that we used to walk. You know, after you cross the streets with the lights, go uphill (past the subway on the left), take a left, round the bend, and then travel on that way...)

As I approach it, I'm going slightly downhill in 3rd gear. (If you don't know anythinig about manual- [like me last week]- than none of this will make any sense to you.) As I begin to go up the hill, I realize the car needs more "umph"...what do I do? Go up to fourth. (You're laughing already, I can hear you.) That doesn't seem to work and I think, "Man, 5th? Really?"

Yes. I'm in 5th gear in a probably 30 mph zone going UPhill. With no success.

At this point, I'm half way up the hill, my car has ceased to "go" and I am FLOORING the accelerator down in utter confusion as to why in the world I'm not moving. I'm afraid that I'll start rolling backwards and hit the cars behind me. (There were about 6.) I look at my hand wasn't on. I put my hazards on, clutch goes in, put the car in neutral, and try to apologetically wave the other cars by.

When I got back to the church office, Joy (who I work with) laughed hysterically informing me that you're supposed to DOWNSHIFT going up hills. This I now theory. Simon from my home group is a driving instructor and we're hopefully going out at some point this week for him to help me break some bad habits I'm sure I've already made...and not be quite as big of a hazard on the road.

I find it so fun that I'm learning all of this in a foreign country on the wrong side of the road. How absurd...and wonderful!

Thank you for your prayers-- I need angels! (and so does everyone else over here!)


Melodye said...

You're right......I am laughing!! Miss you bunches but so glad that God is giving you incredible grace through this season. Danny and I have been at the beach for a week of vacay......don't think we'll go home!! :-) Love you!!

Anonymous said...

I am laughing, not because I've made the same mistakes in a stick, but because it sounds like the kind of things I did when learning how to drive an automatic. My parents thought I'd never get my license well b/c I was sure that going over 30mph would be the death of me! Maybe you can give me lessons the next time you visit the states!

-Kayla said...

I don't know about driving manual but just the picture of what happened to you made me laugh :) Love hearing about all that God is doing in your life!!
Love you & MISS you!